Monday, August 14, 2017

Doll Challenge!

I have put together a photo and color scheme to inspire you to recreate my Daffodil & Carrot spring doll pattern into Halloween!  The challenge is to try to use the colors shown in this collage.  You can add a witch hat, broom...whatever you like, just keep within the basics of the pattern and use this color scheme and have fun!  Sorry no prizes will be awarded except the joy you feel in your heart when you're finished with your creation!  :D 
Send me pictures on your progress and finished doll!  I'll share them on my Facebook page and my Blog  :)

If you don't already have my Daffodil & Carrot doll pattern you can purchase the EPattern in my Etsy Shop. 

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

EPattern Release - Mr. Ollie

I'm releasing just the EPATTERN for Mr. Ollie (this is not the video). He's a rabbit but his dark coloring and the right clothing colors would be fitting for Autumn :) You could make two for his body and turn the other one into a pumpkin!
Available in my Etsy shop

Monday, July 10, 2017

Agatha & Esmeralda Witchy Sisters EPATTERN

EPATTERN - Agatha & Esmeralda

These sweet witchy sisters are made from the same pattern. Each measures approximately 16 inches tall when mounted to a wood base as shown. Pattern includes instruction on how to make the dolls, hats, how to mount to the wood base, eye painting, staining and what I used for embellishments.

Available in my Etsy Shop

Painting Agatha & Esmeralda's Eyes

I plan to have the finished dolls and an epattern available by tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed! Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this fast-paced video of me painting Agatha & Esmeralda (pattern and dolls coming tomorrow).

Monday, June 12, 2017

Hildegard the Witch EPATTERN

~Hildegard~ EPATTERN

Hildegard the Witch measures 26 inches from the tip of her hat to the bottom of her stand. Pattern includes instruction on how to make the doll and mount her on a wood base, how to make her pumpkin, cat, hat, dress and how to paint her eyes. (Pattern does NOT include dried sweet annie nor the faux frozen charlotte doll).

Friday, June 02, 2017

Pumpkins on Parade Pull Toy and Epattern

Pumpkins on Parade dolls are made from fabric and mounted on wood bases with moving wheels.
This piece measures 16 inches tall (from the bottom of their wheels to the tips of their hats) and approximately 24 inches wide.
Pumpkins on Parade is designed and handcrafted by me.  Signed and dated.

THIS ITEM IS NOT A TOY for children and is intended for Display Only.

Finished Set and Epattern are available in my Etsy Shop

Monday, May 22, 2017

Summertime Picnic

I have three new handmade dolls available in my Etsy Shop.  These are small, sweet little tokens of happy for Summer :)
Measuring 12.5 inches tall and made to hang or prop on a shelf, this little sweetie is ready for a summer picnic.
Designed and handcrafted by me.  Signed and dated.
My Dolls are NOT TOYS and are intended for Display Only.

Visit my Etsy Shop 

Doll challenge - Self Portrait

In our doll Facebook group "Whimsical Studio" we had a doll challenge called "Self Portrait" and here is my self portrait. :)
I want to explain why I chose what I did for my challenge piece. I dressed myself in polka dots because I've always loved them, I also love stripes but just seemed to much for this outfit and this project has taken so long because like me in my own closet, I have a hard time deciding what to wear! :D I love silver jewelry and old tarnished silver, so I added the silvery pieces but tarnished them both to represent my love for them but to show that I am not perfect. My shoes are black glitter because when I was a child, I had a favorite pair of patent leather shoes that I absolutely adored. I loved those darn shoes. The dolls represent the doll work that I do and represent a care for my inner child (that we all have). And lastly, the crown on my head because though I am flawed and little bit crazy, I am still my own queen and to trust myself. My doll is all about me

Friday, April 21, 2017


Both handmade doll and epattern are now available in my Etsy shop!

Liberty measures 13 inches from the top of his head to his bottom (made to sit).  He is made from various fabrics, painted with acrylics and stained with coffee and walnut ink.
Liberty is designed and handcrafted by me.  Signed and dated.

My Dolls are NOT TOYS and are intended for Display Only.