Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Everything is getting a makeover...

Hello Everybody!   Sorry about this!   I am working on my blog and not sure my Follow by Email is working properly :/  Aggravating to say the least! 
Just to give you a heads up....I am almost finished with my kitchen and working to get myself ready to start creating as soon as it's finished.   Part One of getting back to fun...the blog!   Everything's getting a makeover!
Something I am working on for Halloween and planning some circus related themes :)
See you soon!


  1. You are missed, will be glad to see you back
    and I did not get an email update? just to let you know


    1. Hi Brenda! I'm so sorry :(. Would you mind sign up again and let me see where it shows up in the list? I think my feedburner is totally screwed up :/

    2. Came through on the correct feed. You should get an update next time I post :) Thank you Brenda!!!


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