Monday, May 22, 2017

Doll challenge - Self Portrait

In our doll Facebook group "Whimsical Studio" we had a doll challenge called "Self Portrait" and here is my self portrait. :)
I want to explain why I chose what I did for my challenge piece. I dressed myself in polka dots because I've always loved them, I also love stripes but just seemed to much for this outfit and this project has taken so long because like me in my own closet, I have a hard time deciding what to wear! :D I love silver jewelry and old tarnished silver, so I added the silvery pieces but tarnished them both to represent my love for them but to show that I am not perfect. My shoes are black glitter because when I was a child, I had a favorite pair of patent leather shoes that I absolutely adored. I loved those darn shoes. The dolls represent the doll work that I do and represent a care for my inner child (that we all have). And lastly, the crown on my head because though I am flawed and little bit crazy, I am still my own queen and to trust myself. My doll is all about me