Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Doll Challenge September, 2017

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Doll Challenge for September, 2017! As you can see in the main picture is my pattern for Little Punkins. Well, I'm giving you a secret about the other four dolls, especially the one with the orange/white head.....they were made from this pattern.The only thing I did was make the pants top longer (the top/waist of the pants NOT the legs) so they would be long enough to reach under the doll's arms then I ran a gathering stitch of crochet thread and gathered the pants fabric under the doll's arms. Tie the knot. I didn't use the suspenders as shown in the LIttle Punkins photos because there was no need to. To paint the orange/white doll's head, I first painted her orange (orange paint mixed with water to a milky consistency, then let dry completely). I wasn't completely happy after she dried, so then I mixed white to a very watery/skim milk consistency and lightly painted it over her head until it was where I wanted it to be. Let dry completely. Then I stained lightly over the head and more heavily over the body. Next, I painted the eyes which you can use from any of my other doll patterns and make as big as you like. Do all this before you dress the doll of course. messy messy! Embellishments such as the flower in the center are all fabric flowers I got at either Walmart or Joanns. The little dolls their holding.... the Cat is Hildegard's cat pattern just made larger. The voodoo doll is Mr. Crowley's voodoo doll made larger. The one with the Tag was done with my printer but you could do it with rubber stamps as well and a large manila tag HAVE FUN! Send me your photos when you're finished!
If you don't already have my Little Punkins epattern, you can visit my Etsy shop to purchase as an instant download.