Friday, September 15, 2017

Doll Challange #2 for Halloween!

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September, 2017
Use the Harvey Harvest Doll Pattern to create your version of Witchy Boo!
Pattern alterations described below.
If you don't already have my Harvey Harvest Pattern please visit my Etsy Shop.
Witchy Boo is a doll I made a few years ago and I still get a lot of requests for her but instead of making another pattern, I've decided to use her as a doll challenge and for inspiration!   My Harvey Harvest doll pattern has many of the basic elements.   Below I will list the changes you will want to make/eliminate to create your version of Witchy Boo :)
⦁    Begin with Harvey's basic body which is the head, body, arms and legs.  (eliminate the ears, cheeks, nose and accessories which are the rake and corn).
⦁    If you like, redraw the legs.  To do this simply use a marker and make the legs about 4 inches longer and the feet longer.   Don't be afraid, just have fun! :)  Then cut out the pattern.
⦁    Draw it on the fabric. For Witchy Boo I used osnaburg. You can also use drop cloth canvas.    Sew everything as instructed in Harvey's pattern, turn and stuff.
⦁    Needle sculpt Witchy a nose or you can do a thread nose like I did for my Hildegard pattern.  
⦁    Base coat eyes as with Harvey, let dry and follow instructions for staining.  I used  more coffee/walnut ink on Witchy because I wanted her darker and grungier.  Let dry.
⦁    Paint or draw on Witchy a simple mouth and shadow her eyes like we did with Harvey but use more of the dry brush black and fade out further. Skip the blush :)
⦁    Make Harvey's  hat, follow instructions in his pattern.
⦁    Stitch or glue Orange wool roving on the top of witchy's head and stitch/glue hat into place (after hat is dry).  Around Witchy's hat I stitched some whimsy yarn.
⦁    Paint her sock and shoes.  Let dry.
⦁    For her dress, use Harvey's shirt pattern and make the sleeves just a bit shorter.  At the bottom of the shirt, attach a gathered skirt.  I stitched rickrack around her waist.
⦁     For her pantaloons, use Harvey's pants pattern.  You may have to make the pants pattern just a bit longer in the legs.
⦁    Make Harvey's collar and put on Witchy.
⦁    Use several torn strands of fabric and tie around Witchy's neck. Attach little bells on the ends.
⦁    For her little ghost, use a small dowel rod and a 2 inch styrofoam ball or any round object even wadded up foil or newspaper.  Cover with fabric and tie around the neck area to hold to stick. Paint white. Let dry then paint on eyes/mouth.  Once dry, then stain lightly to dirty it up and make it look old.  Wrap the extra fabric with string or wire around the dowel rod to hold into place.
⦁    Send me pictures of your finished creations!

If you don't have Harvey's pattern, you can purchase it in my Etsy Shop as a instant download.